Couples Counselling in Kent

Relationships often come under stress. You may also realise after many years together that you are simply growing apart.

It may be that couples would seek help due to changes in finances, physical or mental health, grief, loss and many other aspects of day to day life.

Whatever the issue is, I am here to help you and your partner get through it. With over 10 years of experience, I offer couples and relationship counselling from my practice room in Kent – Tenterden. 

Relationship therapy and couples counselling helps you make the most of your relationship, not only with addressing what some would call major issues but also helping to discuss worries and concerns that some would consider minor.  If these concerns and worries are left unattended, anguish and unhappiness can quickly occur.

Even if everything in your relationship is going perfectly well couple counselling can help you keep it that way. Giving you a space to talk things through and openly discuss your relationship is a fantastic way of spreading joy and showing your loved ones how happy you are.

Relationship counselling isn’t only about offering you support and aiming to help you fix your relationship, it is also about offering you a place for reflection and awareness.

I am fully trained, qualified and offer three different types of counselling:

• Online Counselling • Couples Counselling • Individual Counselling

Couple Counselling in Kent | Mark Phillips

How I can help you

In your initial telephone consultation, I will ask you a few questions about your relationship and why you feel you need relationship counselling. Once we have had our initial discussion we will arrange a face to face consultation.

Couples counselling involves confidential discussion between the couples counsellor and both parties within your relationship. I will remain neutral and non-judgemental to both parties, with the session being a place for conflicted thoughts and emotions to be openly discussed and heard. This will enable both of you to share your thoughts and feelings and let your partner know what is really on in your mind.

Couple Counselling in Kent

Relationship therapy and couples counselling in Kent

Couples counselling enables you to talk openly about your concerns in a safe and comfortable environment. This will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Identify ways to move forward with your relationship
  • Learn about your partners’ concerns and worries
  • Find out a way to compromise with one another
  • Express appropriate emotion, disclose and resolved painful emotions
  • Gain confidence as a couple about being open and honest with each other

If you are looking for relationship, marriage or couples counselling in Kent then I would love to help you.