Online Relationship Counselling

Telephone and Zoom Counselling for Couples, Marriages and Relationships

Covid-19 has temporarily transformed the way we live our lives. Our relationships are crucial to getting us through this period. However, isolation, social distancing and other concerns may also place them under added stress. It is more important than ever to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. I am currently providing services via telephone and Zoom to both new and existing clients. My services are available for a single consultation or for a course of therapy.

I am an experienced Relate trained couples counsellor, offering couples, marriage and relationship counselling. I have been working as a couples counsellor for over 10 years. I am confident that I can help you with any difficulties you share with me. You can read more here.

I specialise in the counselling of couples, I also offer relationship counselling for individuals aimed at reflecting on your own attributes within a relationship which can be beneficial for improving and maintaining the quality of your relationship. You can read more here

Relationship Counselling by Telephone and Zoom

 I am working exclusively on Telephone and Zoom during the UK Lockdown, until further notice, with an option for new clients or existing Maidstone clients to either transfer to face to face sessions in Tenterden near Ashford or continue online at the end of the lockdown. There is a requirement that, during telephone or Zoom sessions, that you can speak without being overheard or interrupted.

Online Relationship Counsellor

The benefit of Zoom is that we can physically see other, an important aspect of communication. Zoom allows you to attend a counselling session from the comfort of your own location anywhere in the world.

Zoom Therapy sessions follow the same structure as traditional face to face counselling sessions with the only difference being the format in which the treatment is delivered. If you are not used to video calling it may feel strange initially. I find that my clients who have not used video chat before, adjust to it very quickly.

Please feel free to contact me on

Tel:  07883 189 619


The Zoom software is free and simple to download