Couples Counselling In Maidstone

I have moved from my Maidstone practise to Ashford.

Couples counselling enables you to talk openly about your concerns in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Listening is a large part of what I will do. The idea is to allow you and your partner the space to talk and reflect back on your understanding of what has been said.

If something is troubling you it can be worth spending time thinking about why this could be happening.

Counsellors do not give advice. The purpose is to help you make your own decisions.

I will help you identify ways to move forward with your relationship or marriage.

So if you are looking for counselling in Maidstone to help you with relationship issues – I am here to help you.

Online Relationship Counselling

I have over 10 years experience providing relationship counselling in Ashford and Maidstone in Kent. Over the past few months I have moved more towards online counselling which has become more and more popular recently due to COVID. 

Online counselling allows ease of access to people who might otherwise have been unable to find the time or transport to get to counselling practices. Find out more about my online counselling with the link below.